Over 30 Years of Medical Experience

Morgan Family Medicine in Meridian, Idaho, was founded by Mary Morgan FNP, MSN, BSN & RN. Mary has spent her career focusing on building long lasting relationships and treating and coordinating care for her patients that address both wellness and illness. She is thrilled to open her own family practice and serve people of all ages through all phases of life.


Mary Morgan has raised her family and worked in the Treasure Valley for the past two decades. After twenty years in the medical field, expanding her skills, she completed her Master’s in Science of Nursing and earned her Family Nurse Practitioner’s license in 2009.

Her hobbies include scuba diving, river rafting, canoeing, snowmobiling, reading, gardening, and cooking. Mary enjoys working with people in a clinical setting and likes to solve complex medical challenges. Mary’s extensive knowledge includes emergency/urgent care, pediatrics, internal medicine, and family practice. She loves working with families, kids, and welcomes individuals with customized needs. Her treatment approach includes emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.


Jeff Robbins started his education in Public Relations-Communications with a minor in Chemistry earning a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Utah in 1996.  He always knew he wanted to work in the medical field so Jeff continued his education receiving his Bachelor’s of Nursing from Boise State University in 2001. He then worked for 5 years as an RN/Charge Nurse in the Emergency Department.  During, this time Jeff continued his medical education and received his Masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Idaho State University in 2006.  Jeff has found his true love in medicine working in Family Practice for the past 10 years.  He loves treating all individuals in any span of life and enjoys getting to know them individually.  Jeff thrives when he can solve a patient’s medical condition, help treat it, and watch the patient go on to live a better life.

Jeff and his wife have lived in Idaho for 24 years where they have raised 4 children.  Jeff loves the outdoors whether it’s hunting, fishing, or camping.  His favorite hobby is cutting trees with his chainsaw.  He also enjoys traveling and motorcycling with his family, working on his farm raising animals, and growing many types of trees.  Jeff also enjoys traveling once a summer with one of his kids to build a medical clinic or school in an impoverished country.  Jeff is also well-known for his trademark beard and takes great pride in maintaining and styling it.

Languages:  Portuguese, Spanish, English

Jeff Robbins FNP and family

Jessica Everman, FNP, MSN, BSN, RN

Jessica began her career in 2009 as a Soldier in the United States Army where she doubled as a combat medic and nurse. During this time, she worked in a level 1 trauma hospital in Texas caring for wounded soldiers coming from the front lines. Upon the completion of her service, she achieved her Bachelors in the Science of Nursing from Walden University and then her Masters as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Purdue Global University in 2020, both with honors. Jessica has a passion for ensuring her patients are aware of the different treatment options available to allow them to choose their path in life. As a mother of two young children, she understands the struggles faced with today’s challenges and is ready to provide support.

Morgan Family Medicine
Over 30 years of medical experience

If you’re looking for comprehensive healthcare for the whole family from a Nurse Practitioner with more than 30 years of experience, you’ve come to the right clinic. Mary Morgan, FNP, MSN, BSN, RN, has over 30 years of extensive medical experience. Her specialties also include an emphasis in behavioral health as part of our continuum of care.

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