5 Benefits of Using a Humidifier

benefits of using a humidifier morgan family medicine

Humidifiers may stop the spread of the flu virus.

Using a humidifier to boost the humidity level of your home to maintain a level of 45-50% humidity has been shown to stop the transmission of germs. Flu germs tend to spread more easily in dry air conditions.

Humidifiers make coughs more productive.

Dry air also causes a dry unproductive cough. Adding a humidifier to your room can help moisturize the airways, which then makes a cough more productive. That means easier removal of trapped phlegm. In general, moisture in your throat, nasal and lung passages make it easier for air to pass through.

Humidifiers can reduce snoring.

Humidifiers can help snoring triggered by breathing in dry air, as well as nasal congestion and throat irritation. Dry and dehydrated airways created thicker mucus, which increases the surface tension in the nose and heightens the risk of snores.

Humidifiers can bring healthier skin and hair.

Blasting your heater during the wintertime can leave skin feeling dry and itchy. Using humidifier can prevent these damaging effects to give you a healthier, more glowing skin. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The external moisture also helps prevent a flaky, itchy scalp and prevents hair from drying out.

Humidifiers can bring Allergy and Asthma relief.

Having a humidifier in your home can stave off recurring sinus issues and prevent them from occurring in the first place. Humidification is a method of prevention for both chronic and acute sinus inflammation. Using humidifiers for allergies and asthma keeps the entire home’s moisture level sinus friendly.

This winter don’t let the dry air keep you from doing what you love. From using humidifiers for reducing the likelihood of the cold or flu to allergy relief, humidifiers are an extremely helpful tool for just about anyone and any family. For insight on general care and wellness, contact Morgan Family Medicine today!

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