Sports Physicals: When, Who, & Why?

By September 9, 2020 October 14th, 2020 No Comments

Sports physicals or pre-participation physical help determine if a student is healthy enough to participate in a specific sport/activity.

Who Should Get A Sports Physical:

Children & teens athletes are typically required to complete the examination before participating in sports during the year. Although it is not required for adults, it is recommended to have a sports physical anytime you will be joining a new sport to ensure you are healthy enough to participate and minimize the risks.

Why Sports Physicals Are Important:

  • Ensures athletes are in a good shape and minimizes the risk of injury.
  • Provides prevention tips for physical activity.
  • Review how health history may impact sports involvement.
  • Advise stretches to prevent common injuries.
  • Prescribe inhalers to athletes with asthma.

When To Schedule:

The examinations need to be completed before the sports season starts or in some cases before the school year starts. To keep on track and remember to have them completed in time each year we recommend combining them with your child’s annual visit. At Morgan Family Medicine, we can treat your family at all stages of life. Schedule an appointment for your child today!

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